Friday, February 11, 2011


The MomTalk conference went well last Saturday. There were probably about 30 women in attendance, including those who attend my church. I was pleased with the turnout and even more pleased with how smooth the morning went. Those who helped with the event worked very well together, and from the feedback, it seems as if the sessions were informative and well-liked. Everyone seemed to enjoy the morning, especially the time of fellowship over brunch at the end. I had to solicit a friend of mine to finally kick everyone out to go get their children from the nurseries! LOL! I will say that since the conference, I have felt a deep sense of joy within me that I haven’t felt in a while. I know true joy comes from serving the Lord, and I am so thankful that I was able to share not only about the Lord and His love, but also provide information about the great community in which I live. I’m sure the other presenters probably feel the same way (and actually, one did tell me she was thankful for the opportunity to have presented her area of ministry). I don’t want to get all theological as I know that I serve the Lord daily as a mom, wife, friend, etc. I simply mean I am joyful in that the sacrifice of time and effort was well worth it.

This conference was the first time I have shared my testimony in a public setting. I was very nervous, particularly because as I tried to prepare in the weeks before, I just couldn’t get my thoughts to come out on paper correctly. But the Lord worked it out because my desire was for the moms who attended to know that, in their motherhood journey, they are not alone. If they choose to have a relationship with Jesus, then everything that they face (good and bad) will be allowed by God and under His sovereign control. Even though sometimes circumstances are not the best, the Lord allows them for our good because He is good. I’m not sure how eloquently I made my point, but that was my goal. =)  The speaker before me also had that same inner desire as she later shared with me that the title of her testimony was “You Are Not Alone.” This conference served as a reminder to me of that fact, too. God cares about the mundane and the not-so-mundane things that a mom goes through (well, that anyone goes through, not just moms). I printed some of my favorite bible verses on the back of the morning’s agenda and encouraged the women to hang then on their refrigerators as a reminder of God’s goodness and presence (mine are hanging there!).

Along with knowing God’s goodness and presence in ALL of life’s circumstances, I also wanted to encourage the moms by putting them in touch with resources within the community. I don’t just mean Human Services agencies, but also moms’ groups, school information, doctor information, etc. I know how lonely and isolated I felt when we first moved here, and not knowing anyone in town, this was all information I had to figure out on my own. Some might not think that kind of stuff is important, but let me just say that we don’t go to the same pediatrician as we did when we first moved here. I just wanted the moms to know that, although they might be brand new to this community or motherhood in general, they don’t need to “know” anyone to get the inside scoop on things happening around them. I provided that information for them. Make sense?

The Lord used the conference to break down barriers and soften hearts based on some of the feedback I have received. I don’t want to divulge any personal information, but I am definitely praying the Lord will continue to work in the hearts of those who attended. I also pray that the recordings of the morning’s sessions will be a blessing to many more.

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Melissa said...

Good for you for speaking out and helping other mommies! I know it takes tremendous courage to speak in front of groups, so way to go!

And along comes three... said...

I heard it went amazingly well! Thanks so much Terra!