Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy 4th birthday T.G.!

I can’t believe T.G. is 4 years old! Time just seems to pass
more and more quickly, especially as my children age. I remember when I found
out I was having a girl- I was so excited! I never could have imagined how
blessed I would be when God placed you in our family!
T.G., you are such a little princess, dainty and frilly in
every way. You make me smile because you are the complete opposite of me: you
adore wearing dresses, you LOVE to wear hair bows, and you absolutely refuse to
leave the house without accessorizing with jewelry! Pink, of course, is your
favorite color and according to you, one can never wear too much of it! You are
a whiz at putting puzzles together and the more pieces there are, the more you
enjoy doing them. You are great with Taylor Ann (your relationship with Teagan
is another story!) and I am thankful you enjoy helping me out by “babysitting”
her. It is obvious she loves you just as much as you love her. You adore your
big brothers and have fun partaking in different activities with each of them.
You love to catch bugs and other critters with Th, and getting into mischief
with Ta is also a fun pastime for you. As Teagan is getting older you are
becoming more involved with her, too. I love it when the two of you play with
your baby dolls, dressed up for your roles as “Mommy” to Chilly, Sarah, Brown
Baby, Grace, and Elizabeth, in addition to all the other un-named dolls we have. 
In spite of all of the above reasons as to why I am thankful
for you, my number one reason is because you have a desire to please God above
anyone else. My prayer for you, my beloved daughter, is that you would always
have that desire and live your life in service to Him. You don’t have a
personal relationship with Jesus yet, but by God’s grace you will one day
(hopefully soon).
Age: 4
Height: 37 inches
Weight: 30 pounds
*Lord, thank you for this precious gift, my daughter T.G. I love her so much!

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