Monday, October 18, 2010

I Need You!

I was thinking about (reflecting on, really) Th's eye injury when something occurred to me: the night that it happened, he just wanted me. He wanted me to hold his hand, draw his bath water for him, sit with him, basically be close to him and not leave his side. The next day, when he went to the eye doctor, he wanted me to take him and not TJ. But, now that he's feeling better and his life has mostly returned to normal, he doesn't "need" me as much. I miss being needed and knowing that only I was able to soothe him.

Unfortunately, the above scenario describes how I've been with God. During the difficult times in my life, as I struggle to make sense of the hurt and pain I'm experiencing, I seek the Lord and cling tightly to His promises. However, once the storm passes and the fog lifts, I catch myself moving away from the Lord and not seeking Him so diligently. I can only surmise that He, like myself, misses the fellowship that comes with drawing close to Him. This week in particular, my prayer is that I will seek and cling and hold fast to the promises given by my heavenly Father, and that I would remind my children to do so, as well.

*"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." ~James 4:8

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What a beautiful reminder for us all!!!