Saturday, December 19, 2009


A busy, fun-filled week is behind us and another one is ahead. Last week the little kids had their Christmas program at preschool on Wednesday and they all looked so cute! Ta and T.G. were both reindeers, and Teagan was an elf- precious! This upcoming week, the kids and I will be baking our Christmas cookies, having friends over for a cookie exchange, and just enjoy being together as a family. I am looking forward to spending time with them in the quietness of our house as we prepare for Christmas.

Friday was Th’s last day at his school. When school resumes on January 4th, he will be attending our zoned school. It was a sad day as we both loved his school but I just did not think he was learning as much as he should under the supervision of his classroom teacher. TJ and I met with the principal to discuss our options and although she did offer to move him to a different classroom, I didn’t want Th to have to explain to his friends why he was being moved. Although moving to a new school will be an adjustment, it will be easier to “start fresh” in a new environment rather than simply down the hall. He is sad at leaving yet excited about making the change. I can so relate as I moved a lot as a child. He is a sweet boy so I have no doubts he'll make friends quickly!

Speaking of Th, my heart is so thankful for the many ways the Lord is working in his young life. Every morning I wake up before anyone else in order to do my devotions. I like to drink my coffee and read my bible in the peace and quiet of the house. I finish just as the kids wake and come downstairs for breakfast. Th has obviously picked up on this habit of mine because for the past week, he has been joining me. He reads his bible and takes notes in a notebook that he has. When he’s finished, he puts it all away in a special spot so he knows where it is. At night, he sleeps with his bible in his bed. What is he studying so diligently? Christmas.

In our house, we keep the focus of Christmas on Christ as much as possible and talks of Santa are kept to a minimum. As a result, the children understand the reason we celebrate Christmas and this year, Th has made it his mission to study the infancy and childhood of Jesus. He is doing this by way of a bible study, one that he has undertaken all on his own. Since starting this study, he has learned that the Wise Men did not see Jesus as a newborn baby but rather sometime later but before age 2 (Matthew 2). Every time he makes a new discovery, he shares them with us, which is very exciting! I love to see him grow in his knowledge of the Lord as that knowledge is what will guide him through life. He is learning this important lesson at a young age and I am thankful for that as I was not as fortunate. I had to endure many hard lessons before I realized Who is control and how the consequences of my sinful choices affect my future.

Teagan is crying so it’s off to console her. . . going to be a long night as she would not take a nap today. She’s teething and not feeling very well.

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