Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well, today unofficially marks the end of summer in our family. Th returns back to school tomorrow. He is excited but apprehensive because he does not know which of his friends will be in his class. The friends we have seen/spoken to this summer were all placed in other classes. He is hoping at least one of his friends from last year will be in his class.

The summer passed quickly by. We were busy in June with VBS and a quick beach trip, July the older 3 kids attended a science camp for 3 weeks, and August marked our Bermuda trip. I have also spent many, many, many hours working in my classroom painting, organizing, sewing pillows/other items, cleaning, hanging items, making materials, and too much more to list. Open House is next Wednesday and Thursday and then school begins the following Tuesday.

I am excited yet nervous for a new school year, particularly because this will be my first year teaching. But, I had such a wonderful mentor teacher last semester and I have incorporated so many of her techniques into my own classroom that I feel confident in what I will be doing. I also asked her to come observe me towards the end of September to give me some pointers and ways to improve. Now, I realize I am only teaching preschool (3 year olds!) but that does not mean that the kids come to school simply to play. Play is important, everything that they learn will be done through play, but the point is, I want them to learn. This is not daycare, its preschool. Get it? PRE-school. Once they get to kindergarten, the teachers don’t have time to catch up all the kids who didn’t go to preschool. The pace is fast in K-12 schools, and kids need to develop a love for learning at an early age in order to promote and foster their future academic growth. I hope to do that. To stimulate their little minds so that when they leave my classroom at the end of the year, they will look forward to moving on to learning about life from their next teacher, and so on and so on. I hope that makes sense.

On a different note, my mom phoned me today to ask if we would consider going to Ohio for Thanksgiving (I haven’t given the holidays any thought yet). She and my sis want to host a baby shower for TJ and me since we are basically starting over. It is overwhelming with all that we need: another crib to crib bedding to a bed for T.G. to car seats to a triple stroller (where do I even get one?) to clothes (in the chance that they are the same sex- I don’t have enough to clothe 2!) to bottles, diapers, etc, etc. I thought about joining a “Mothers of Multiples” group to talk to other moms and get their advice about everything: babies’ sleeping arrangements (same crib or separate), feeding schedule (same time or different), etc, etc. I just don’t know. Hopefully I have at least 6 months to figure everything out, but somewhere in the next 6 months we also need to purchase a larger vehicle. I gave that responsibility to TJ. Thankfully we both agree we want a Ford Excursion or Expedition XL (X-tended Length- replaced the Excursion in 2007) so he can find one and head up that endeavor. Nevertheless, we have a lot to do in the next few months, and I won’t lie, a shower would be a blessing, especially to our pocketbook. Considering how fast the past 3 months passed, I have no doubts the next 3 (and then 6!) will, too.

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