Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Open House

Open House day 1 at the preschool was today. I say day 1 because it's tomorrow, too. I had 1 parent stop by today but the rest will come tomorrow, which is my scheduled day. I was nervous but it went fine. I hope tomorrow goes as well. Thankfully I know some of the parents, and one of my good friend's daughter will be in my class. Plus, I sent out an introductory email last week and I've had a very positive response from them. Of the parents I don't already know, most have said how excited their child is and offered their support in various ways. That's a great sign of involved parents and I definitely want that!

Very tired today and Teagan wasn't feeling her best so she and I stayed home from church tonight. Ta was very excited about church because he gets to join our church's 'Patch the Pirate' club. The kids memorize Scripture, sing songs, and learn Bible lessons related to everyday living. This is Th's 4th year and Ta has always wanted to do it since Th started. I'm thankful for our church everyday! I wasn't raised in church so it means a lot to me that our kids not only have their blood family, but their church family, as well, especially since most of our blood family lives far away.

I don't know if you remember Brandon, a boy who attends my church. Anyway, his cancer is back with a vengeance! TJ said our pastor discussed the situation with the entire church, and the outlook is not good. The cancer originally started in his brain and surgery was able to remove 98% of it 2 years ago. Brandon went for MRI's every 6 months just to monitor. He found out in April, exactly 2 years later, that it was back and was now in his spinal column. He has had several more MRI's done since April and not only has the cancer in his spinal column grown, but it has since spread to his stomach. There is only 1 option at this point- treat with chemo/radiation and pray it stops the growth. I had difficulty sleeping last night (our pastor phoned to share some of the news but not in as much detail as was discussed at church tonight) because I just kept thinking about this otherwise normal 13-year-old boy. It makes me so sad. I decided that for our part in helping out the family we are going to have family portraits made. I talked to a friend of mine today who does some photography and she is willing to take the photos of them for free and only charge us the cost to print them. I have seen some of her work and she really is very good. I plan to call Brandon's mom tomorrow to see if we can set something up this weekend. Brandon begins his treatments next week and I want to have it done before he starts to not feel well and his hair falls out again. He has the most beautiful hair, by the way. It is brown and curly and would make any girl jealous. I will post a picture once we take some. I think the pictures will be nice for them, especially since Brandon's dad has been unemployed for over a year and his mom has to work to support the family. I doubt they have any recent family photos and my friend shoots on-location, meaning the pictures don't look posed or fake. They will be cherished memories, I'm sure.

*I am thankful for healthy children, a loving church and family.

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