Friday, August 28, 2009

Dr. Day

My appointment went well and all looks good. I don't have to go back until the end of September, at which time I will have another u/s to count the number of placentas. The goal is for each baby to have his/her own and not a shared placenta. If they do share, then typically one baby gets more nutrients and grows at a more normal rate than the other. The delayed growth in the smaller baby is cause for concern, but we'll cross that bridge if/when we get there (doc's words, not mine). My goal (well, the doc's actually) for today's appointment was 2 separate egg sacks, which I have. At my next appointment, I will also schedule a level 2 u/s in Charlotte to ensure the babies are still looking good and to do some checking for genetic anomalies. I guess the risk is a little higher than with a "singleton" and it would not matter to TJ or I, but we'd rather know ahead of time for planning purposes.

TJ and I sat and talked with the doc for a long time today (the talk took up the majority of the appointment time) but it was nice because so many of our questions were answered. Again he reiterated the fact that I may have to be put on bed rest at some point if I continue my trend of early contractions. I had contractions beginning at 26 weeks with Teagan, and was hospitalized at 33 weeks for them. He also answered some of my questions about delivery but obviously that is a few months away. So far my blood pressure is normal (high blood pressure, or pre-eclampsia, is another "risk factor" that accompanies twins/multiples)and for now, all is well and he's happy with how things are progressing.

Not a terribly exciting appointment but a relief to have some questions answered none the less. Now I'm off to have lunch at school with Th. Ta and I are going to surprise him. . .

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