Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great news!

I now hold in my hand a valid SC Teaching Certificate. I can’t believe it; my long-time dream is now a reality! It’s very exciting and solidifies all of my effort, determination, and hard-work in order to achieve this dream.

Now, onto Teagan. She began crawling last weekend. Prior to then, she would do the “Army Man” crawl by using her arms to pull her dragging belly and legs. Last week she began getting up on her hands and knees, and was able to go 1 or 2 “steps”, but then would immediately fall flat on her face. However, something clicked in her little brain on Saturday and she began to crawl around my downstairs area. Yay Teagan!
Also, Ta received some great news on Tuesday. Since September, he has had fluid behind his right ear. It was not an infection so medication would not clear it up. We (I) took him monthly for a hearing test and to re-check his ears to see if the fluid was draining at all. From February to June his hearing decreased, and the doc wanted to schedule surgery for a 3rd set of tubes the following week. However, TJ and I did not have a peace about that decision so we asked for one more month to see if the situation would change at all. The doc said he doubted the fluid would clear up on its own, especially because it had been there for so long, but agreed we could continue our “wait and see” routine one more time. He said to come prepared on that day to schedule surgery, and we were.

However, we were also praying for the Lord to intervene. We had been praying, but once the reality of Ta having to go through another surgery hit, we also requested prayer from our church. Our prayers were answered because when we went back, the fluid behind his right ear dissipated enough to allow air pressure to reach the eardrum. No surgery needed! The doc warned us that fluid will most likely build again once Ta’s allergy season hits (October to April), but for now, he’s all clear! The doc asked us what we did differently this month, and along with prayer, we went to the beach for a mini-vacation. He laughed and jokingly said he was going to write us a prescription for the beach! Poor Ta thought he was serious and came home and told Th we were going back! Th got very excited until TJ dashed his dreams by telling him no (sorry guys, just Mommy and Daddy are going next time)! But, praise the Lord Ta doesn’t need surgery!!!!! God is so faithful even when we’re not!!!

*Note: I also included pictures of Ta and T.G. but for some reason they are not posting.

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