Monday, April 13, 2009


Hi there! Remember me?

I'm still here, struggling to get all my "paperwork" finished by tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest.

Plus, it's Spring Break, and someone has at least one appointment every day. Today it was my turn. Fun.

My sis and Kaylee are coming tomorrow. They were supposed to arrive last weekend but I had too much schoolwork to do. I still do. I wrote 2 assignments and submitted them. They were all wrong. I misunderstood the assignment. I had to re-write most of it. 19 pages and countless hours wasted over 1 simple word that was omitted from the directions. What word, you ask? Lesson plans that include completed assessments. I submitted my lesson plans and left out the data. I still have 2 more assignments to finish before Thursday. I also have to teach 1 lesson next Monday for my final observation. After that, I'll be DONE!

Graduation is in 26 days.


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