Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reflection is the heart of, well, everything

I have found, and been taught through countless university courses, that the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher is reflection: reflection on the lesson, student learning, and ways the teacher can improve. Perhaps I have taken this to heart because I tend to apply it in all areas of my life, not just in my teaching. Which is a mixed blessing, I suppose. I know I need to improve as a wife and mother, and I definitely need work on being a better source of encouragement for my friends, particularly because I allow the busyness of my life to sometimes get the best of me. However, dear friends, I would like you to know I think of you often and pray for you regularly despite my lack of communication with you. I will try better, especially at responding to emails as that seems to be the area that needs to improve the most.

There has been a lot going on in my family’s life lately that I have not shared. Not that I didn’t want to, it’s just simply been a lack of time to relay the information. First, Tristin-Grace will hopefully be referred to an ophthalmologist for an eye examination. I have a feeling she may need glasses as her eye crosses much like Tanner’s did. She also gets really close to her book when she’s coloring, her face literally inches from the page. I meet with her pediatrician this afternoon to do a preliminary examination.

Second, Teagan is somewhat delayed on her gross motor skills. At almost 5 months old, she does not seem to be where she should be. She is not rolling over nor attempting to, she does not grab at toys or other objects, and the most noticeable is that she displays hypotonia, meaning she has low muscle tone. When she is held upright, her neck is not very strong and is still wobbly like a newborn. When I put her in her exersaucer, she has difficulty holding herself up. When I put her in her walker, I have to shove a blanket down between the seat and her belly in order for her to sit up. That’s not normal for a 5-month old. Baby Net is coming the latter part of the first week in March to do an evaluation, and by then she will be about 5 ½ months old, so we’ll see what happens. I’m not terribly concerned, but the best predictor of future success is early intervention, and I’m all about that. Like I told TJ, it can’t hurt, it can only help. If she qualifies, she will receive up to 1-hour per week of physical therapy and the interventionist would come to our home to do therapy. I can’t ask for anything more convenient!

Again, back to reflecting, I am not sure if I could have done more to help Teagan gain those skills that she seems to struggle with, but I am happy that I was aware enough to notice them and speak up at her well-baby visit. Like I said, in the next 2 weeks, she could reach those milestones and not need any intervention, which would be ideal, but in case she doesn’t, at least I was pro-active and took the necessary steps to advocate for her well-being.

Well, Teagan calls and I am thankful to have the opportunity this afternoon to be home with the kids. I had to report to the university today instead of my school, and I was released for the day at noon.

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Eversole Crew said...

Praying for God's intervention with your kids! Hope things go well!