Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day (early!)

So my husband felt like my birthday was not all that he wanted it to be because our dinner was not "the best". Dinner was okay, just not worth the price we paid per meal. Anyway, today he surprised me by sending a dozen roses to my school. Is that not the sweetest thought ever? I was so shocked, especially because it was so unexpected! That's what I love about him- the little thoughtful things he does for me.

I just happened to be in the main office talking to the secretary when the FedEx man made a delivery. I turned to walk back to my class when she told me the package was a delivery for me. I immediately corrected her since my mentor teacher and I have similar last names and said, "You mean Mrs. _____?" And she said, "No, it's for you. I promise." I felt my face match the same shade of red as my shirt, and I opened it right then. The flowers are beautiful, and there was also a package of chocolates (chocolate- my favorite!). I left the flowers on display in my class but I brought the chocolate home.

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera or else I'd take a picture, but you know what flowers look like. I did have to put the vase waaaaaay up high on the top of a bookshelf because there is a boy who likes to throw things when he gets upset. I didn't want my glass vase and pretty flowers to be his first target.

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