Sunday, February 1, 2009

20 Random Things

Some of this is the same as my Facebook page. But, I am doing this for those who are not on Facebook. Plus, it’s funny how you can know someone, yet not really know him or her. It’s the same with the Lord. He knows us, but unless we take time to know Him, we sort of make assumptions or guesses as to God’s character.

1. I love chocolate cake with white icing. It’s my favorite and the only way I think chocolate and vanilla should be combined. I hate chocolate cake with chocolate icing, and will tolerate white cake with chocolate icing. Picky, I know.

2. I went to 8 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 1 high school. However, I moved 15 times before I reached the age of 18. I hate moving and always wanted to be the family that raised their kids in the same house for generation after generation.

3. I have lived in Rock Hill longer than anywhere else- -ever. We've been here for 5 1/2 years.

4. I miss the Air Force. I left home searching for independence within the confines of structure. I loved the military and, if my husband supported it, I would join again as a KC-10 pilot. I loved being a part of something so big I was unable to see the end result. But, just knowing I was contributing made the long hours, terrible weather, and deployments away from loved ones worth it.

5. I have never been on a cruise but I am hoping my husband will surprise me with one for our upcoming 10th anniversary in July.

6. I don’t carry a purse unless I have a lot of stuff I need to carry because I think they are annoying. I stopped carrying a diaper bag for the same reason and now have a basket o’ baby stuff in my van.

7. I love the beach, especially the Outer Banks. I would like to own a house there one day.

8. I have difficulty getting my thoughts together. I know what I want to say or write, but struggle to get them out. I often forget words (they are right on the tip of my tongue) and have to have TJ help me think of them. I give him the meaning, and he gives me the word I am looking for. He has helped me write all of my college papers for this reason.

9. TJ asked me out at least 6 times before I agreed to go on a date with him. After the first date, I knew we would get married.

10. My honeymoon was spent meeting my in-laws for the first time. TJ and I said we would take a honeymoon for our 5th anniversary, and we didn’t get the chance. I hope to rectify that situation now that 10 is right around the corner.

11. My favorite candy is the Cherry Twizzlers Peel apart. I don’t really care for regular Twizzlers.

12. I am a perfectionist and so is my husband. We sometimes disagree as to what constitutes "perfect." :)

13. I don’t take enough time each day to wrestle with my kids. When I do, I feel refreshed.

14. Eggs give me headaches and I have to be in the mood to eat them.

15. I sometimes feel like I live my life as a bystander. It’s difficult to describe, but there are moments where I see myself as another person. Those are the times I remember, whether they are good or bad.

16. I do not think I look my age. I still think I look the same as I did when I was in my late teens/early 20s, but then I see a picture of a friend of mine, and she has obviously aged, meaning I must have, too.

17. I hate driving cars. My first vehicle was a car, and I only drove it for a year before getting a truck. I haven’t driven a car since. . .

18. I married at 20 and am thankful for the time TJ and I were able to be married and experience life as a married couple before having kids. We often tell our boys funny stories of our early years of marriage.

19. I have given birth naturally 3 times without drugs or pain medication. I never thought I could tolerate the pain until I did it the first time. It really wasn’t so bad, sort of like Basic Training.

20. I would like to have more kids, and so does TJ, but I am hesitant because of our housing situation. Where would we put another baby? We are leaving it to the Lord to do as He sees fit for our family. He can handle the housing situation as I have far more to do than worry about "what ifs."

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