Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year (a little late!)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have not been feeling myself lately. Extremely tired despite sleeping fairly well. Teagan pretty much sleeps through the night, only waking occasionally to nurse before 6am. Ta, on the other hand, wakes up every night and comes in our room, sometimes even wiggles his way in the bed with us. This has been happening since July, and we've tried everything. I can count on 1 hand the number of nights he's slept the entire night in his bed since then. At first I thought something was wrong with him, but now I know it's just habit. I had hoped to resolve it over my school break, but time slipped away from me.

Although I didn't accomplish all that I had hoped to, TJ and I did manage to get some major purging out of the way. The kids and I got rid of 3 boxes and 2 garbage bags full of toys, books, puzzles, games, etc. before Christmas, and the items that were in good condition we gave to a family in need. I do not know the family, but a friend of mine personally delivered them (3 boxes full)! At first the kids were not into going through their stuff, but once they understood the cause, they gladly donated items, even to the point that I had to put some of their toys back into the toy boxes because they were taking it to heart! We also went through clothes, closets, the shed, and the kitchen pantry. If you haven't seen my pantry, it's huge! The pantry alone took us an entire afternoon to go through. But, it looks awesome and we purged some major items! As an aside, TJ and I received a Tiffany & Co. cake plate as a wedding gift. Although beautiful, it doesn't have a cover so I don't use it. We moved it here from California, and it just sits on a shelf in my pantry. Anyway, I told TJ I wanted to sell it, thinking we could get about $40 or so on eBay. TJ objected, saying it was worth way more than that. I didn't believe him so we went to the Tiffany website. Lo and behold, the cake plate is worth $185! TJ was happy that he was right and I was just in shock. So, we decided to keep the plate since it is in pristine condition.

The kids went back to school today. I was able to go to an appointment and get the grocery shopping done while the little ones were at preschool. I took a short nap and then exercised (yes, you read that right- I exercised!). I am not sure what's going on with me but I do want to lose some weight and it's going to take effort on my part. I have my first 2 state exams this upcoming Saturday that I have been studying for. I am also trying to get my resume together as a local school district is having a job fair next month. I also began working on an assignment for my class that begins next Monday. I plan to clean the house this week while the kids are at preschool, and mentally prepare myself for my exams on Saturday. I have some more pictures from the past 2 weeks as the days of purging were interspersed with family fun, including bowling, roller skating, and birthday parties.

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