Friday, December 19, 2008

Sorry for the delay in posting. . .

Man, this has been a tiring week. The semester ended Monday night at 8:44pm (the time I handed in my last final exam) but the busyness has lasted throughout the week.

The tiredness actually began late last week (well, truthfully I’ve been tired since August!) because T.G. was sick. She was running a fever that began Saturday and ended Sunday night. She had a terrible runny nose and was constantly rubbing her ear. I brought her to the doctor on Monday and low and behold, she was fine! She is teething and the doctor attributed her ear pain to her teeth. Of course, by Tuesday her nose was running clear and by Wednesday it was gone.

Tuesday I accompanied my new class (the class I will be teaching starting in January) Christmas shopping. We went to Target and Chick-Fil-A. It was fun, but exhausting. The children range in age between 7 and 9, and all have cognitive disabilities. I was paired with 2 girls who have Down Syndrome, and I gotta tell ya, they are adorable! A handful, but adorable! One girl was actually in Th’s preschool class a couple years back.

I have been busy baking Christmas goodies and trying to get some last-minute shopping done. Ta and I went to the mall today with my old class, and he really had fun. The students enjoyed his company and he was very well-behaved (it’s amazing what a little one-on-one Mommy time does for behavior!) It was nice to see my students again, especially outside of the classroom setting.

Ta woke up with a cough this morning and I’m not sure who I was kidding when I thought everyone would be healthy over Christmas. I just pray that no one else gets it (I think it’s a cold) and that these next 2 weeks are enjoyable for all.

I am also behind on getting out my Christmas cards. I have them written, sort of, but I need to separate the pictures that go with them and insert our family’s Christmas letter. I hope to finish everything tonight so I can bring them to the Post Office in the morning.

Well, Motherhood calls as Teagan is ready to nurse. Have a great weekend!

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