Thursday, December 4, 2008

Last day of teaching :(

I have homework I need to do but I wanted to share about my last day of teaching.

I gave my mentor teacher a snowflake Christmas ornament. I also wrote a little poem to go with it, but my printer is out of paper so I just wrote a summary of it in her thank-you card. She loved it (it was basically about how her students are unique and go through life unnoticed by the world. Just as the crystals in the snowflake grow and expand, she helps her students to do the same). My mentor teacher planned a little party for me and we had lots of goodies (brownies, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and apple cider). The students each presented me with a card they decorated, and inside they wrote their favorite lesson I taught them. One student wrote about helping him with his exercises (we participated in a Pilates class), another wrote about using the phonebook (I taught several lessons on that topic!), a third wrote about cooking, another wrote about healthy foods (they learned planning meals, writing shopping lists, going shopping, & cooking), and the last student wrote about counting M&Ms. The pictures on the front and insides of the cards matched what they wrote about. They were all so sweet, and I am going to miss the students so much!

But, I am going Christmas shopping with them in 2 weeks so I’ll see them soon!

Counting M&Ms

Healthy foods (I love the chef with flippers!)

Phonebook lessons

Exercising on the mats (look at my big muscles!)

Baking cookies

The students and me!

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