Monday, October 13, 2008

What do dancing and Sir Pur have to do with each other?

They were both at Jeannine's wedding!

The wedding was great, probably one of the best I've ever attended. It was classy, yet fun, much like Jeannine's personality. It was at a ritzy country club in the Ballentyne area of Charlotte. It was gorgeous! We sat with some friends of ours from the neighborhood, which I was glad because they all know Th so he was able to be himself. One of the evening's highlights was watching Th dance. That kid has some moves! He was making me laugh so hard I was crying! I'm not too sure where he learned his moves (a-hem! TJ!) because TJ and I don't dance around the house, but regardless, he was the hit of our table.

Another highlight was when Sir Pur (the Carolina Panther's mascot) made his appearance. It was awesome! Of course we forgot our camera so the only pictures I have are from my phone but the quality is poor because I didn't have a flash. Oh well. Th thought that was the best, and it was really neat to see Sir Pur tossing the football (an autographed game football, I might add) to Jeannine.

I am extremely tired and am teaching a cooking lesson tomorrow to my students. We are making a fruit pizza. I need to get to bed because I have to be up early, plus I'll be up throughout the night to nurse the baby. I am feeling more and more overwhelmed as each class passes by. Just when I think I'm making progress on my school assignments, I get another one added to me! It's never-ending it seems! I just need to make it through 7 more weeks and then I'm done with this semester. By God's grace I made it to the half-way point; I am thankful for that! Well, that's enough of an update for tonight. Good night!

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