Sunday, October 19, 2008

Teagan's Pics

My favorite is the picture in the middle of her holding my finger. I also really like the top one of her tiny feet. I love my kids' feet! Call me crazy, but on Friday I am taking all the kids to have a picture made together of their feet, from biggest (Th) to smallest (Teagan).

Enough for tonight- I've been doing homework and my eyes are starting to cross from looking at this computer screen for so long. Plus, I'm a wimp and TJ went to bed already so I'm downstairs alone- I hate that! Good night!

*I am thankful for this precious baby, a true blessing and gift from God.*

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Anonymous said...

Oh she's just gorgeous! And I love the idea of the feet picture. We did one of my niece and nephew and it's so cute!

Glad all is going well!

Eversole Crew said...

She is precious! Very cute pics!