Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Musings

I managed to somewhat successfully find time to study for and pass the 3 tests I had this week. I won’t get my grades until next week, but I feel confident about my overall performance- by no means a perfect score but hopefully all A’s.

I meet with my advisor in about 10 days to get clearance for registration. I can’t believe this time is here already- I will soon be registering for my final semester! As stressful as this semester has been and continues to be, it really is going by quickly. I am half way through it and I still have my hair and it’s not completely gray! LOL! I am just more excited that I will soon be completely done and hold a teaching certificate in my hand. It still seems very surreal. I’m sure it will take me 6 months to recover from my “school mode” mentality once I graduate. I need to begin thinking about what to do with the rest of my life. My mentor teacher keeps telling me she wants me to come back, and I have another friend who works in a different school district who is encouraging me to apply at her school as an autism teacher. I also have a third friend who is encouraging me to apply at her school, as well. I really need to get a resume together over the Christmas break to put out there and see what types of opportunities present themselves.

Along with graduation and prior to actually holding my teaching certificate, I have to pass 5 state tests: 3 for special education and 2 for elementary education. I was planning to take all 5 in January (to give me plenty of time before graduation in May in case I don’t pass an exam and have to retake it) but after talking with a friend of mine who teaches at the high school where I’m teaching this semester, he suggested I take one at a time to help keep my focus. I think what I’ll do is take my special ed tests in January and my elementary ed tests in April. It’s a lot, but I do want to pass the first time since they cost around $100 per test. I am confident about passing the special ed portion- my classes this semester are definitely preparing me for passing them. I looked at sample questions and they are similar to what was covered on my midterm exams and what is found in the textbooks.

We are going to Jeannine’s wedding this afternoon. Th is very excited, but he’s also very tired! We were out late last night (I say late, but it was only 8:30pm) because I had Teagan’s pictures made. I can’t wait to get them- they turned out adorable! I’ll post them on here once I get the digital version.

TJ took Ta to Th’s soccer game with him this morning. Th has pictures before the game. I was going to go, but it’s a little chilly here this morning- too cold for Teagan to be out. Well, enough rambling. I hear T.G. playing in her crib so I guess she’s awake. I need to get her so she can eat breakfast. Have a great day and wonderful weekend!

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