Monday, October 27, 2008

From Concord to Kids

What a whirlwind week! We just finished up Missions Week at church, and we had 5 missionaries and their families from all over the world. We had lunch with all of them on Thursday and then hosted one family for supper on Friday night. Of all the ministries through our church, missions is my favorite, and I think my family's favorite, too. The kids have a bulletin board in their room that exclusively holds prayer cards for missionaries. The kids know each missionary on the board and love adding new prayer cards. They enjoyed learning about the people and places each of the missionaries are striving to bring the gospel to during Missions Conference this week, and we are all sad it's over. But, it was a sort of reunion for us because we got to spend time with the Kings, who used to live down the street from us but moved about a month ago to begin their church plant in Concord, North Carolina. They now live about 45 minutes from us, not too far, but not within walking distance like we were. Ta especially misses them because the youngest member of the King family was in Ta's class at church. I think both of the boys were thrilled to be able to play together again.

Teagan had her 1 month check up this morning. Overall she is doing great. She is 9 pounds, 13 ounces (50th percentile for weight) and 22 inches long (75th percentile for height). She continues to amaze me with how different she is compared to the other 3 kids. Th was in the 75th for weight and 25th for height, and Ta and T.G. have both been in the 10th for weight and height. On a different note, I have been concerned about a few issues with Teagan. She is still jaundice (I can see it in her eyes) but the doc ran some bloodwork and the jaundice levels are within the acceptable range. He is not concerned about it. More importantly, I am very concerned with her hearing. She had a hearing test in the hospital and she passed, but I notice often that she is not startled by noises that she should be. For instance, TJ finally replaced the entire downstairs flooring with the wood floor we purchased back in the spring (that's a separate blog entry). One day he was working and he dropped a pile of the wood planks. It was really loud and scared me, but Teagan didn't even bat an eye. There have been other instances where she didn't even seem to notice the noise and chaos around her, and I think that is why she sleeps so good. So, I shared my concern with the doctor and he tested it by dropping her chart on the ground. It was pretty loud considering we were in a tiny, quiet exam room. Again, she did not respond. As a result, she is being referred to an audiologist for an in-depth evaluation. I should find out by the end of this week when it will be.

Now you see why I say she is constantly amazing me? I am just thankful that it is nothing serious (I know some would argue a hearing loss is serious, but I can deal with it). TJ has a great attitude about it, too. When I first shared with him that I thought Teagan couldn't hear, he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "So I guess I'll have to learn sign language." Would you expect anything less from him?

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