Friday, July 4, 2008

Update #7 on Erin

Erin was released from the ER last night. She was told she over-exerted herself yesterday which made her heart rate drop too low. I don't know exactly what tests the doctors did, but the last I spoke to my mom, Erin was having a chest x-ray taken. I'm not sure why; I think to check and see if her lungs were collapsing again.

I spoke to Erin this morning and she sounded fairly good. Of course her voice was weak, but Paul was there and my mom was home from work today for the holiday. She said her biggest challenge was wanting to care for Kaylee and not being able to, especially when it came to nursing. She is not used to having to depend on others for so much help, especially since Paul has been gone since March. On the other hand, Erin told me a funny story that happened to my dad today, so at least her spirits were up and she was able to laugh (if you know my dad, you know how "accident" prone he is).

As far as I know, Paul has to report back to NC this upcoming Thursday, but he is trying to get his orders changed so that he won't have to go back to Iraq but rather continue to work out of NC. If that happens, then at least he can drive to Ohio when he gets his next "96", which is basically 96 hours off duty without having to take leave. Plus, if Erin takes a turn for the worst again, he is closer in NC than he is in Iraq. That's the latest report.

*I am thankful Erin is doing better today, and especially thankful to hear her laugh.*

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