Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Loss for Words

Believe it or not, I don't really have much to talk about.

The derm appointment went well considering I had one child who couldn't sit still, one who wouldn't sit still, and another that was about to break out into tears at any moment. Thankfully the nurse listened to me when I told her Ta was very nervous and asked the doc to take off her white coat (hence the term "White Coat Syndrome"- it really does exist!) before entering the room. It seemed to work great! Ta didn't like her looking at him, and he didn't say one word the entire time the doc was in the room, but he didn't cry, either. That is real progress!

Oh, about the diagnosis. All 3 spots are unrelated to each other. The bumps on his foot are a birth mark that will continue to grow as his foot grows. The spot on his leg is, um, I don't remember because I had difficulty concentrating on what she was saying because I was distracted by 2 of my kids. I do know it's not contagious and it follows a linear pattern that just so happened to coincide with his scratch from the dog. I got a prescription cream to take care of it. Now, the spot on his stomach is another story. It is caused by a virus. There is nothing that can be done for it; his immune system has to fight it on its own, typically in 9-12 months. But, my friend called me and her son had the same thing. She gave me some great tips and something OTC (liquid silver) that her derm recommended that I plan to try. She said her son's spot cleared up in 3 weeks. 3 weeks versus 9-12 moths- I wonder what I should do? (note the sarcasm in my typing).

I did not hear anything from the OB so I guess that means no news is good news regarding my sugar test. I still have to go back Friday for my dreaded shot so I'll get my counts then.

We are going to Carowinds again on Friday with a friend of mine and Th's from preschool. He is very excited! Saturday TJ and I are headed to Sumter for a wedding. It's on the Air Force Base and I am excited because we haven't been there since Ta was born. Being on the base brings back many fond memories of life in the military. I miss it so much sometimes. I know TJ does, too. We had so many good friends, people willing to do anything for us, including giving their life. It's hard to find friends like that in the civilian world. The camaraderie was/is indescribable, not at all like it is in the outside work force. Too many people are out for themselves, and in the military, it's not like that because rank is earned by time in service and nothing else. Like all things, there are pros and cons to that system, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Enough rambling. . .

*I am thankful for good results on my sugar test. I am thankful Ta does not have anything serious or that can't be treated.*

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