Monday, July 21, 2008

Is It Monday Already?

Sorry for not posting in a few days.

TJ and I attended the wedding in Sumter on Saturday. As I suspected, memories of our time in the Air Force came rushing back, and our conversation during the drive home reflected some of those feelings. TJ and I both agree that although life in the military is tough, we both like the fact that we (members of the military) are working toward a bigger, common goal. We want our children to understand that, as well. In civilian life, the focus is on “me” and “Number One.” We want our kids to know that what they do affects others, not just in our family, but in all aspects of life, like a ripple effect. The military really helps one to learn that important life lesson. For instance, as a mechanic, if I didn’t do my job correctly, that affects the aircraft. If the plane breaks down, then the mission cannot be completed, and more than likely, there are others depending upon the mission (whether for fuel, supplies, people, equipment, etc). My poor action negatively impacted others, although I may not fully realize the depth of that impact because of my self-centered focus. We only wish more employers, and employees, better understood the “ripple effect”. Think about how different, better, the world would be!

At church yesterday our pastor introduced a visiting couple to me. The husband is currently in the Air Force Reserves, so we talked airplanes for a few minutes before I had to leave. Coincidence? I don’t think so! I hope they come back (this was their 2nd visit) so I can introduce them to TJ. We love to talk airplanes and it’s not very often that we get to do so.

We are going out of town this Friday for a week to visit family. It’s a crazy story, but our original plan has changed about 5 times since making it in early June. It will be fun but stressful trying to visit my ENTIRE family and a few good friends in one short week (my parents are divorced so it adds a bit of a challenge). I am trying to remain positive but as plans change, it’s becoming more and more frustrating for both TJ and I. However, we have not made a trip to visit the entire family in a year and a half, so I am trying to remember that as the plans change (people want to see us, which is why the plans are changing and our simple trip has become so evolved).

I am trying to get ready for our trip throughout the week. I was able to pack most of T.G.’s clothes today, and will pack the boys’ clothes tomorrow. I have a busy week despite trying to get ready to leave. Not only do we have things to do during the day, but also each evening. I like the busyness, though, because it will force me to make wise decisions in time management.

*I am thankful for our pool as we will be spending some time there tomorrow with friends in an attempt to relax before heading out on our trip.*

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