Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Dermatologist

I cleaned the house yesterday. I didn't finish everything I had hoped to accomplish, but I made good progress and feel better knowing the house is clean. . . even if it is short-lived. I just have a few minor chores (i.e. cleaning the downstairs bathroom, mopping the kitchen floor, & dusting the dining room) to do today in order to be totally finished, and will do it this afternoon while the kids are napping.

Ta has an appointment with a dermatologist today. He has had some bumps on his foot for at least 2 years, if not longer. I mentioned it the pediatrician at one of his well-visits (either 9 or 12-month), and she wasn't sure what they were, but since the bumps weren't changing any, she wasn't overly concerned. Neither was I. Until about 2 months ago or so I noticed a bump on his stomach. It has now "spread" into the same type of bumps on his foot, except these bumps on his stomach itch. He was also scratched by one of our dogs a long time ago, and the scratch turned into a scar and now the scar is raised and itchy. I made an appointment just to find out what the bumps are and what type of cream I can use to help with the itchiness. I tried hydrocortisone cream but it didn't seem to help. Maybe it wasn't strong enough.

Ta doesn't do very well at doctor's appointments. In fact, he is petrified of the doctor- any doctor. We have been talking about this appointment for a few days, and I've been reassuring him that the doctor will only be looking at his foot and belly. He is just so scared of having his ears looked at, so hopefully once we get there and she really does only look at his belly and foot, he won't have a meltdown. A mother can dream, right?

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Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of Ta today! Hope all goes well at the doctors office!