Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cell Phones

My cell phone is only 2 years old. The contract expires mid-August, and I’ve been having problems with my phone. It no longer takes a charge from the vehicle charger, which is not a big deal, except lately the phone only holds a charge for a short time. Recently, it’s started to shut down on its own, even while plugged into the wall charger. I had to run some errands one morning with all 3 kids and planned to go to a friend’s house for lunch. I got my phone to call TJ and tell him of my plans, only to find my phone off inside my bag. I powered it back on, made the phone call, and before I could even hang up, it powered itself off again. Ugh! This was a few weeks ago, and was the last straw!

That evening, after supper, we headed to Verizon to see what could be done. I didn’t want to replace the battery because when my contract expired in 6 weeks, I was eligible for a new phone. Of course the Verizon store was packed, so I waited in the van with the kids while they watched a movie. I told TJ to work everything out and, if I was eligible for a new phone, to come and get me when I could go in to have the data transferred from my current phone to the new one. So, that’s what happened. TJ came to the van and said I needed to go pick out my phone, have the data transferred, and pay $50 and then we’d get a rebate by mail (making the cost of the phone free). Except, because he’s a State employee, he gets lots of “perks”, which includes accessories; however, I forgot to remind him of this before he went in to talk to the employee and didn’t remember until after picking out the phone. As the employee was transferring everything, I ran out to the van to see if TJ could come back in to do the talking. He told me we’d just get the vehicle charger on eBay if I really wanted one. Because my contract didn’t end for another 6 weeks, he didn’t want to make the Verizon employee angry since he was so willing to give us another phone (upgraded, I might add) free of charge without any hassles. I conceded and went back inside the store. The employee had already finished transferring everything and handed me a bag which included the new phone, a headset, a pack of ear pieces for the headset, a vehicle charger, and a holster. Plus, when I went to pay, the total bill was $34 instead of $50. He smiled at me and said, “Have a nice day.” I was so confused but I took the bag and I left the store.

I got in the van and TJ looked at me with my puzzled expression and both of us were trying to figure out what happened. I thought perhaps he had told the employee about the accessories but was trying to surprise me. It took a minute to realize what happened, but basically the employee gave us an instant rebate instead of mail-in and charged me for the accessories, albeit at a discounted rate. I later exchanged the holster and earpiece covers for a memory card because, I must admit, I have an awesome phone. Now, I must say I don’t really get into technology. I have always had the free phones from the cellular companies, and they’ve been fine for me. Even this last phone was great- it was a camera phone, and worked fine until recently. I don’t have a desire to have all the “bells and whistles”, but since having this phone, all that’s changed! I can download and play music and videos to my phone, plus it is a camera phone and takes video recordings. I was able to capture Th on video as he was learning to ride his 2-wheeler. The other night, I relaxed in the bath tub while reading a magazine and listening to music on my phone. It was so nice! When we go on our road trip tomorrow, I am looking forward to listening to my phone with my headset instead of T.G.’s current favorites, “The Wheels on the Bus,” “ABC’s,” and “Ten Little Ducks.”

Isn’t technology wonderful?!

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Anonymous said...

What kind of phone did you get? I love my phone and my husband always fusses at me for being on it too much. I upgraded to the blackberry curve about a month ago after having the older version for a few years and I LOVE it. I am secretly addicted to my phone. The email, text, camera, ringtones... It's amazing.

How awesome about the hookups too! Accessories are so expensive! Enjoy your new phone!