Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

It has been so hot here this past week, and it doesn't appear next week is going to bring any relief. To get relief from the heat, we have been keeping cool in various ways. On Wednesday we went to a place in Charlotte called Monkey Joe's, and the kids (and I!) had a blast. It's awesome! It's an indoor inflatable playground. There is a toddler area for kids 3 and under, but of course T.G. wanted to be with her brothers on the big stuff, so I had to climb up the inflatables with her so she could play, too. It was fun, just hard work with me being pregnant and having to carry her up the steps and stuff. My friend had emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy Monday afternoon, so I had her little boy with us so my friend could rest and recuperate. We packed a lunch and ate it in the car, and then went back inside to play. Overall, we spent about 3 hours playing.

Thursday another friend of mine came over and we hung out at the pool together. It was gorgeous! The water was refreshing, the sun was hot, and the company was fabulous! I enjoyed spending some one-on-one time with this particular friend because we haven't had a chance in such a long time! We used to get together alone fairly regularly, but with hectic schedules, it's become more difficult.

Yesterday we went to Carowinds for the afternoon after TJ got off work. During the summer, his work schedule changes and he gets off at 11:30AM on Fridays. We ate a quick lunch at home and then headed to the park. There were no lines so the kids got to go on several of the rides, some even 2 or 3 times in a row. Then, we headed over to the water park to cool off. TJ took the boys on some water slides while I played with T.G. We left about 4:3oPM to head home. The kids were exhausted (so was Mom!) from not getting a nap and were asleep for the night by 7:30PM. They haven't gone to sleep that early in a very long time!

We have been in a drought for almost a year, and our city has water restrictions in place. We are only able to water on Saturdays. So, since our pool is usually busy on the weekends, we got out a Spiderman Slip-N-Slide that Th got for his birthday last year. Today was the first time its been used, and the kids had such a good time. TJ joined them this evening, and I would have too, except I don't think the new baby would appreciate me running and sliding on my belly! LOL!The kids were outside playing at 7:45AM and stayed out pretty much all day. Again, T.G. and Ta were asleep by 8PM tonight because of all the fun they've had the last few days. I am attaching pictures from today's events, as well as the final Noah's Ark mural I painted for VBS and a picture of T.G. and her baby (she goes EVERYWHERE with this baby and blanket- I mean EVERYWHERE!) .

*I am thankful for opportunities to spend time together at home as a family.*

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