Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

Father’s Day was nice. TJ was feeling ill and that allowed me an opportunity to prepare the night before so the morning wasn’t as hectic while we got ready for church in addition to our Father’s Day festivities. I was able to get the table set for breakfast, his gifts ready to give to him, and the food thawed for me to make Sunday morning. I was up late Saturday night, but the relatively stress-free morning was worth the effort!

I woke early with the kids as they rarely sleep past 6:45am. Sunday was no exception and we were up by 6:30am. I was able to grab a quick shower before heading downstairs to prepare breakfast. Ta loves to watch me cook, so he stood on a chair as I fried bacon and potatoes to add to our breakfast burritos. TJ came down about 7:45am, just as breakfast was almost ready (hmm, do you think he knew it was time to eat?) and we ate before he was able to open his presents.

About his gifts. I have been waiting for about a month for this day to arrive. I thought of the perfect present for him, and I was so excited to give it to him. The other gifts all revolved around his main gift, so I had him guess what the theme was as he opened the smaller gifts first. The kids gave him a framed picture taken at the Wilds. I gave him a book autographed by one of the authors we heard speak at the Wilds. Can you guess what the “big” gift was? A trip to the Wilds for a Men’s Retreat on purity.

We received the pamphlet detailing the retreat a few months ago. TJ commented he’d like to go, but it is on Halloween weekend and by then the new baby will be here. He didn’t want to leave me alone with 4 kids for a weekend, but as I thought about it, I realized how much he wanted to attend the conference. The man leading it is an awesome speaker as he’s visited our church a few times and we hear him almost every time we go to the Wilds. He is very funny, yet committed to doing the Lord’s work, and a wonderful teacher and preacher.

I contacted my friend Joanna to see if she’d be interested in sending her husband with TJ, and it worked out. So, TJ and Patrick are attending the conference together. Plus, we splurged and the men are staying in the Lodge, which is in the main part of the camp, rather than the cabins we normally stay in. Don’t get me wrong, the cabins are awesome, but this was a special occasion and I wanted to go “all out” for this.

TJ was/is very excited, and I am excited for him. I hope he learns a lot during the trip, which I know he will, and come home refreshed and relaxed after some time away.

After opening gifts, we got ready for church and left. After church, we came home, changed clothes, ate lunch, and left to go to TJ’s dad’s house for the afternoon. We swam in the pool, took a hike in the woods on a scavenger hunt, and had a good time seeing family. TJ has a strange sense of humor, much different than mine, so while we were on our nature hike, he thought it would be funny to take pictures doing strange things. His sister agreed, so then the task began: what strange pictures could we get? I am including a few for you to see. It was funny as they trekked off the trail trying to “capture” the moment. They were hoping their dad would pull the pictures up on the computer, but that didn’t happen, so their idea sort of fizzled out until TJ and I got home and saw them for ourselves. One picture in particular made us laugh really hard- you’ll see. . .

Hiding in the trees. . .

Because it's normal to sunbathe in the middle of the forest. . .

Kissing a "squirrel". . .

My fearless hunter!

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