Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Days!

I applied for some scholarships through the College of Education back in February for the next school year. The committee was to meet in April, and letters would be mailed to recipients around April 30th. Since that was last week, I had resolved that I was not a recipient, although I did win a different scholarship for $1,700 through a different source. Anyway, I received a letter in the mail today notifying me that I was selected for 3 scholarships totalling almost $8,500! So, combined with the other scholarship, I will be receiving over $10,000 in FREE MONEY for next year! I am very excited, especially as my GI Bill ends this month and I will no longer be receiving money for school through that.

Now, about Ta. I talked to my pediatrician and she agreed with me in that she did not feel Ta showed signs severe enough to warrant autism, but she suggested I go ahead and have him evaluated just to rule it out. She gave me the referral and phone number to schedule the appointment. TJ and I discussed it and I am going to wait until after his next hearing evaluation. It's not just about the cost of the evaluation, but we have to go to Charlotte again and it is a time consuming exam (3+ hours). They will evaluate him on all areas of development: speech/language, motor, social, and cognitive to determine if there are delays. Since I do not fully believe he has full-fledged signs of autism, I think it's best to use it as a "last resort" type of evaluation if we can't find any other answers through the hearing evaluation or speech/language evaluation (if it comes to that).

TJ received another job this past Monday. He went to work on Tuesday fully prepared to turn in his resignation, and did, in fact, do so. However, his boss not only matched the offer he was given by the other company, but increased it by $2,500. So, of course he is staying. What a blessing! We have been praying for a raise for over a year as TJ is a hard worker and has tons of responsibility that he was not being compensated for. . . until now.

It has been a very emotional week as we faced some stressful decisions: TJ's job situation, Ta's medical issues, and money for my final year of school are just a few that I am sharing. There are also some personal things going on that I would appreciate prayer for. TJ and I have another major change facing us that we are praying will work out as there are many, many factors involved. Thank you!

*I am thankful for answered, and unanswered, prayers.*

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Jessica said...

Congratulations all around! Such good news and I will continue to keep your family in my prayers!