Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sick of School?

My headaches have gotten better, especially since Monday. I think it was a combination of stress and lack of sleep. I had to teach a science lesson on Monday, and I was reviewed and critiqued by my peers and my instructor. I had an awesome lesson planned, including going outside, except it rained. But not only rained, we had a tornado! So, I had to quickly make some adjustments to the lesson and pray that it would have the same effect.

I have not received my feedback forms from my instructor or my peers, nor have I received my grades. There are 2 grades, one for the lesson itself and one for the presentation of the lesson. I am nervous about both!

I also have finals beginning tomorrow. I have one tomorrow, two on Friday, and one on Monday. I have attempted to study but also have sick kids, and Th has been home from school the past 2 days. He is going to the doctor later this morning because he is complaining his throat hurts. I hope it's not strep, but a friend of mine who was at the birthday party last Saturday called me Monday night and said another child at the party tested positive for strep that day. So, it's better to be safe than sorry, especially because my sis and Kaylee are coming tomorrow, and my mom, dad, and brother are coming on Friday to visit through the weekend. My sis is staying until the 18th, so the kids are looking forward to that. We have some fun events planned, and hopefully the weather will cooperate. We may be going on a hot-air balloon ride this weekend if it's nice, and I can't wait!

Well, I have to get back to studying. I can't wait until next Monday when this semester is behind me. I have learned a ton of information from the classes I am taking, but they've been very time-consuming because of having to write and teach so many lesson plans. But, I guess that's what being a teacher is all about! :)

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