Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's been. . .

One of those days.

I lead a bible study with friends of mine from the MOMS Club. Now, I don’t believe in coincidence (I believe everything happens for a reason) but every time I have bible study, my kids seem to act worse on these particular days. I don’t really know why- maybe it’s because people are coming over and they think they can get away with more, or if it’s Satan trying to discourage me from holding it, or what. But, whatever the reason, today has been no exception.

I woke up early so I could straighten up a bit. I had planned to do it last night before bed but I was too tired. Also, I had to mop my kitchen floor because I spilt a full cup of milk last night at supper (yes, it was me who spilt it!). We obviously cleaned up the liquid but the sticky mess needed to be mopped up. I figured I’d wait until morning after letting the dogs outside. So, I did my chores before showering and got myself ready. Then I dressed and fed T.G. and got everyone loaded up in the van. We had some errands to run before taking Th. to preschool.

The morning started off okay with the exception of a few fits from one of my children (who will remain anonymous) for various reasons, but I felt good because of all I had accomplished in a few short hours. I got home and shortly thereafter my friends begin to arrive. One has a boy T.G.’s age, and another has 3 boys ages 5 ½, 4, and 2 ½ (the youngest 2 were with her). One of my children simply would not go play. S/he refused, and only wanted to stare at me and get into things. I had to go talk to her/him in the bathroom twice before s/he finally agreed to go upstairs and play with the other kids. All seemed okay; I heard laughing and kids playing, and I continued with the bible study. Until. . .

I saw water start dripping from the seal on our glass front door. I grabbed a towel and tried to determine what was going on, figuring the seal must be loose and the water was coming in from the rain we had yesterday. No big deal. I continued with the bible study. Except the water kept coming, even after 5 minutes or so. My friend walked over to the door with me to look, and she asked me questions about my pipes and the locations of the bathrooms. No, the bathroom is on the other side of the house. I doubt the pipes go across the floor. It must be from the porch roof or something. I don’t know; I’ll have TJ look at it tonight. She suggested we walk upstairs just to be sure.

Good idea, but boy, I wish I’d done it sooner! My caring, compassionate child was trying to make sure the hermit crab had enough water to drink. The others that were upstairs thought it would be funny to keep pouring the water in the tank, so much so that an area approximately 6ft by 4ft was soaked!

My friend, who’s children were also involved, just so happened to have a carpet cleaner in her van that she used at her parent’s house over the weekend. Remember I said I don’t believe in coincidences? The Lord knew this was going to happen today so He allowed her to be prepared. What a blessing! I still had to make the dreaded phone call to TJ to inform of what had occurred, and I had to rescue the drowning hermit crab, which TJ wasn’t too happy about (without thinking, I poured the water down the drain in the bathroom sink- and rocks and pieces of sponge went down it- oops!) So he had to come home and vacuum the carpet and repair the drain.

I did not punish my child as s/he honestly did not see the error of her/his ways. This child was merely trying to replenish the crab’s water, and her/his good idea just turned bad in the company of others (I’m not blaming them, either. It was a group effort!) All were wrong for not getting an adult and allowing the water-massacre to continue, but I’m over it and I think TJ is too. Of course, the carpet is still sopping wet and we’ll have to continue to vacuum it, but it made for a good story and an even better lesson: when expecting company, put the crab away!

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