Monday, March 10, 2008

The Weekend Recap

I have survived my cold, although I seem to be regressing instead of progressing. I am back to blowing colored stuff rather than clear, and my chest is still really tight, especially at night. I'm still taking my antibiotic, but maybe I need a different one. Who knows!

Ta had his birthday party on Saturday and he was very excited because his friends from preschool came. Plus, he's been wanting this huge digger/excavator ride-on toy from Northern Tool & Equipment. He asked for it for Christmas but we substituted it with a 4-wheeler. It worked for a little while but then he was back to constantly talking about the digger. So, we bought it for him for his birthday and TJ put it together Friday night. He woke up to it on Saturday and had a blast!

I brought cookies to his preschool this morning (his choice) to celebrate his birthday today. He was the special helper of the day and got to pick from the "birthday box." He was very excited to have TJ and I there with him. His actual birthday isn't until tomorrow, so he's been telling everyone he wants donuts for breakfast and Backyard Burger for supper. It's funny to me that he wants donuts for breakfast because he really doesn't like sweet foods; he prefers salty foods. But, on Christmas Day, because we have family over for brunch, I don't like to feed them a heavy breakfast so we have donuts and sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. I think he just thinks that when it's your birthday, you have donuts for breakfast. It's fine by me, I just have to get some tonight so they'll be fresh for the morning.

Spring Break is next week and I'm excited. I have so much I hope to accomplish to get me ahead in school. However, TJ will be in a class out-of-town all next week, so I'll be alone with the kids. He'll be home at night, around bath time, but it's still a lot of work. He'll also have to leave around the time the kids wake in the morning. I don't really mind because I know he really wants to attend the training. It will definitely benefit his career and make him more marketable to potential employers, which benefits us as a family (more $).

That's about it. Just trying to make it through this week without getting sick all over again!

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