Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm not complaining. . .

I'm applying what I've been learning from my bible study (I lead a bible study with some friends of mine). This week's topic: being thankful for ALL things, even the bad.

So, Th finally was well enough to return to school today after missing a week. However, I had Ta and T.G. at the doctor yesterday. T.G. has an ear infection so she was put back on oral antibiotics in addition to the antibiotic ear drops I am already giving her. Last night, I started with a sore throat and ear aches and Ta started with a fever.

I rushed him to the doc so a flu test could be given within the 48-hour time period. Guess what- it's not the flu. It's strep throat! Since T.G. is already on an antibiotic, I'm not too concerned about her. I am concerned for myself and Th since his immune system is still weak from just getting over the flu. I have a regularly-scheduled OB appointment in the morning so I'll just deal with the soreness until then.

All this with TJ out of town at Microsoft training this week- lovely timing!

Like I said, I am thankful everyone is sick now, at one time, so that we can get better together, and return to our "normal" lives next week. Also, we are going to the Wilds in a couple of weeks for family camp and I know the kids would be disappointed if they were sick while there. God's timing is perfect, and for that I am thankful! Just pray we all heal quickly. . .

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The Mama Bear said...

You know that is what we all need to do more often find the positive even when it all seems bad. I have reminded myself of that daily with the stress of our move.
I will continue to pray for you and the kids that healthy days are soon to arrive, it has been a truly rough year for so many.