Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen Things about South Carolina Mom

13 Baby Names I like. . .

Since I am expecting a new baby, it's first name has to begin with 'T' to keep our family tradition. Here are some that I like, although I know there are a few my husband would never go for!
*means we agree on the first name
+means I like it but doubt TJ will

1. Thaddeus (Thad) Joel*
2. Timothy Joseph*
3. Theodore (Theo) Luke*
4. Tyler John
5. Tevyn Luke+
6. Tobias Luke
7. Teagan Faith
8. Taregan Hope+
9. Taryn Faith*
10. Tinsley Anne
11. Torrin Elyse
12. Tessa Reece
13. Taylor Luke or Taylor Hope

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15 Shared with Me:

jenn said...

I love tessa reece, but it sounds like it should be hyphenated, like TG. Teagan is pretty too, and unusual. Does my vote count?

Notice how I only commented on the girl names....I want another niece!

Adelle said...

I love Tessa Reece as well. Whatever it is, boy or girl, I hope it's a happy and healthy addition to your family.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Bethany said...

My TT is about baby names as well! :) Of yours, I love Thaddeus Joel, Timothy Joseph, Luke, Tyler, Tobias, Faith, Hope, and Tessa :D

Melli said...

You must be BRAND NEW preggers! Still lookin' at males & females! (see? I'm just astute that way!) Blessings on that little one! I'm sure the Lord will lead you to the perfect name!

damozel said...

Those are lovely names. The ones you agree on are very nice as well as the others!

I love the name 'Thaddeus.'


Landscapes & Cityscapes

Lilibeth said...

I rather like Tevyn Luke, but then, I like unique names alongside old, traditional ones. Whatever you name the child, you will find that the name will take on the characteristics of the child more than the child will take on the characteristics of the name. ha ha.

Nicholas said...

Some of those are very attractive.

Lib said...

I have a Theodore Joseph and a Taylar Leanne so I am partial to your choices that include those names. And I adore Teagan!

Happy TT and Happy Vday!

Natalie said...

Number 13 reminds me of what my cousin named his little girl...Tyler Hope. :) Congrats on having a new baby soon!

Jessa said...

I like Theodore and Taryn best from that list!

Sarai said...

I love Teagan that is a great name I also like Tristan if you are sticking with T names. And I love Teagan Lucian or Teagan Roman... Anywho great list and good luck

tasha said...

You have a nice list...I love the names Taryn and Tessa and Tobias. Happy Love Day!

Laura said...

Thaddeus and Timothy...or any of the above paired with Luke....Can't wait to see what you guys choose!

M said...

my vote is for name #7!

if it is a girl how about Truly? like Truly Scrumptious from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Tasina said...

Tessa was the girl name we had picked out, but wound up with a Noah. I love that name. Taryn is also really nice.