Saturday, February 9, 2008

Get over it!

Some people, I tell ya! I sent an email to family and friends yesterday detailing the trials we are currently going through as a family. One member emailed back and said she was "insulted" that she was notified through email instead of a phone call. Can you believe it?! With all that is going on right now, we don't have time to call everyone. We called some members (a total of 4 between both of our families), but because I am sick in the evenings, it's difficult for TJ to talk on the phone, watch 3 kids, and help around the house. Obviously this person has never experienced having 3 kids and a sick spouse. Plus the stress that we are under is indescribable. On top of all of this, TJ and I are both taking classes, and he had a conference call Thursday night for almost 2 hours! I am so upset that this person not only emailed me to tell me she was insulted, but she has called at least 2 other people to share her "misfortune". Give me a break! I don't want pity, I want prayers and I want a little empathy. I want her to try to imagine what my life is like for a brief second, and then decide if I purposely insulted her. Email is the fastest way to disseminate information; it wasn't to avoid calling her.

By the way, we did try to call her on 2 different occasions and never got through, not even a voicemail or answering machine. I bet she didn't share that with those she called to complain about me to!

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jenn said...

Don't worry too much about it. You have enough on your plate without adding her drama.

Hope all things went well today.. I'll be thinking of you!