Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sweet TJ

Well, my wonderful husband spilled the beans yesterday. . . he was planning to surprise me for my birthday with another couple's conference at the Wilds over Valentine's weekend. But, there is a waiting list and we are number 10. I am praying for some others to cancel but am not counting on being able to go. How did I get it out of him, you ask. Let me back up to Friday night.

We had a T-n-T event at church and just as we were about to begin the adult game time, TJ's phone rang. It was his grandpa who lives in PA. He was calling to tell TJ he had just registered for the Spring Family Camp in April at the Wilds and he wanted us to attend with him. Yesterday I was filling out our registration form and writing the deposit check. I inquired about the Valentine's conference (I really want to go as the speakers are going to be GREAT!) because I wanted to register for that, as well. He opened his email to show me he had already attempted but it was full. So, while I am disappointed we won't be going away alone again, we are going to the Family Camp (that is, if there are still openings) and I know my kids are going to love it. Plus, we'll be with the grandparents and it is always nice to see them. Unfortunately TJ's dad and stepmom are busy that weekend and won't be able to go, but we plan to ask his sisters to see if they want to attend with us, sort of like a mini family reunion. I am so excited to go back!

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