Friday, January 11, 2008


I finished the main bag this afternoon; I still have a smaller bag that I need to make (to hold diaper creams, loose change, ink pens, etc). What do you think? I love it- I think it turned out better than the one I made for myself! I will be personally delivering it to her the first weekend in February. My mom and I are going to visit together. I am excited and looking forward to it!

I begin school on Monday. I am a little nervous about taking 4 classes; I haven't taken this many at one time since my first semester. I have a break between classes for about an hour and a half on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am hoping to be able to get some uninterrupted work done on those days. Please just pray for me. I am looking forward to the semester, especially one class in particular. I will be working one-on-one with students who have autism. If you know me, autism and mental retardation are "my thing". These two areas of special education are my passion and I have extensive knowledge and history advocating and working with all ages of people who fall into one or both of these categories. I love learning about and enjoy meeting and working with people who have these specific disabilities. Can you tell I am excited? I am rambling. . .

Have a great weekend! We are enjoying a game night with the T-n-T group from church- much fun! :)

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jenn said...

The bag is beautiful!

Have fun at school. You do sound very excited. When are you going to find time to blog???