Friday, November 2, 2007


I cannot believe October has passed! T.G.'s first birthday is fast-approaching, and I am a little saddened. My baby is growing too fast!

I posted some pictures from this past month, including Halloween. I love looking at the pictures, especially seeing the smiles on the faces of the residents in the nursing home; it is nothing short of sheer joy at seeing the children in their costumes. Th was a robot, Ta was Piglet, and T.G. was a pumpkin. I made her costume for $2.40 and I am really proud of myself. It's not the best in the world, but considering I didn't have a pattern and had to make one on my own, it turned out pretty good. It was a little big, but I knew it would be: I used Th as my mannequin because the only opportunity I had to sew was while she was napping. The picture is difficult to see, but I even sewed some green leaves out of felt for her hair.

Oh, I wanted to update about school from a few weeks ago. I found out I need 2 classes in order to get my Elementary certification. The only problem was that the 2 classes required a bunch of prerequisites, and I had most of them except 2. This meant that in order to register for the 2 classes, I needed to take the 2 prerequisites courses first. It was still worth pursuing because 4 classes now is cheaper than waiting until after I graduate and going back to finish a Master's in Elementary Ed. I'd have to take at least 12 courses to complete that degree!

So, after much prayer, I met with my advisor last week to talk about registering for the spring semester. The topic of the elem certificate came up, and I told her about needing the 2 prerequisite courses. She made a phone call and together we walked upstairs to talk to the woman over the entire Curriculum and Instruction Department (keep in mind my advisor just happens to be the Assistant Dean to the College of Education- she's pretty high up in rank). The prerequisites were waived, meaning I was able to just get into the 2 courses, because of my extensive college career. As I jokingly say, I am a career student! I have been working on this degree for 11 years (since I was a Senior in high school!) and have taken so many different types of classes. However, not to minimize the Lord's hand in this, I definitely give Him the credit because the classes were not exact matches. For instance, I needed a Physics and Geography class, and I have not had either. Instead, I've had Biology and World History. Similar, but not exact. So, that being said, I am still able to graduate on-time instead of postponing 1 more semester. I will be taking 4 courses next semester instead of my usual 2. Please begin praying now for my sanity! :)

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