Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Puzzle Pieces

Everyone is feeling better. . . except me. My stomach is killing me, and I don't know why. I have been fasting out of fear of vomiting, except if you know me, I LOVE food! So, for breakfast I settled on a handful of animal crackers. It's taken me 4 hours to eat them all because I'm afraid the next bite will put me over the edge.

I did my presentation today. I just finished it at 11:15. It went very well, and I think I did great. I presented the information and then we went from our classroom into the gym to do an activity. I used one of Th's giant floor puzzles and each student had 1 piece of the puzzle. The first time we did it, no one was allowed to talk. *Remember, my presentation was on PDD which includes disabilities such as Autism- communication skills are a deficit* The second time we did, I permitted the students to talk. We completed the puzzle faster the first time (silence) because everyone watched and patiently waited for pieces that matched their own. The second time, everyone jumped in and it was sort of like controlled chaos. The goal was to simulate how a child with Autism would feel completing this task. Again, I think my activity illustrated the points in my presentation well. I am glad it's over; now I can relax a little bit in this class.

Still no word about my sister's kidney. The OB specialist said the baby looks good now, but she will continue to see him through the remainder of her pregnancy. He wants to ensure the baby continues to receive adequate nutrition. Please keep her in your prayers.

Also pray for a couple at my church. Their daughter has been battling cancer for some time and she has stopped her treatments. She is grown, married with children, but her decision has greatly affected her parents. They understand her decision, but at the same time, feel as long as she is receiving treatments, there is still a chance she could beat the cancer. They received a phone call informing them that she doesn't have much time left. Our church took an offering for them to help pay for their travel expenses from here to Minnesota where she lives. It was heartbreaking to see Mrs. W at church on Sunday because she knows this will be the last time she sees her daughter, at least on this side of Heaven. My heart goes out to them; I can't imagine having to say goodbye to my child. I know some of my readers have shared in this experience because of various reasons, and I thank God that He gave you the grace and strength to go on. I imagine it is probably the most difficult thing to do. Psalm 118:14a, "The Lord is my strength and my song"

Take comfort in God and His Word.

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