Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Man Meme

Jenn had this posted and I thought it was a cute way to get to know TJ and me better.

1. Who is your man? TJ

2. How long have you been together? Total 9 ½ years, married 8

3. How long did you date? 1 year and 4 months

4. How old is your man? 32

5. Who eats more? Unfortunately I do

6. Who said “I love you” first? He definitely did. I think.

7. Who is taller? I am by an inch

8. Who sings better? He definitely does! He sounds a lot like Travis Tritt, and I often encourage
him to join our church’s choir, but to no avail.

9. Who is smarter? We both have our strengths. I am much more knowledgeable about history and English (i.e. grammar), and we’re equally talented in math and science.

10. Whose temper is worse? Hands down. . . me. His temper debuts while driving, mine in pretty much everything else.

11. Who does the laundry? That’s a sore subject! I do the laundry and I HATE it! He’ll help but I usually have to ask.

12. Who takes out the trash? He does, unless I see it needs to be done while he’s at work. We’re pretty good about sharing household chores- it makes the house run smoother.

13. Who sleeps on the right hand side of the bed? I do. I am afraid of the dark, and the bathroom with the nightlight is on my side of the bed.

14. Who pays the bills? He does, although when we were first married, I did. I just don’t have the time it takes to do bills along with everything else. He is also the "saver" out of the 2 of us, so
it just makes more sense that he'd pay the bills.

15. Who is better with the computer? He definitely is- he’s the IT guy for a University!

16. Who mows the lawn? I have laundry, he has yardwork. Secretly I know he loves it!

17. Who cooks dinner? I do during the week, he does on the weekends.

18. Who drives when you are together? He does. I can’t watch though, because he makes me a nervous wreck. The kids think it’s great fun when he drives, but I get carsick. Plus, the roadrage only adds to my nervousness.

19. Who pays when you go out? If I remember, I do because I earn points through my debit card.

20. Who is most stubborn? Depends on the situation.

21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? See above!

22. Whose parents do you see the most? His, but our schedule keeps us pretty busy so we only see them once every 4-6 weeks.

23. Who kissed who first? He kissed me first.

24. Who asked who out? He asked me. Then he asked me again. Then he asked me again. Finally, after 5 or 6 times, I relented and we went to Applebee's and to see the movie "Titanic".

25. Who Proposed? Me. I told him if we didn’t get married I was moving (it’s a long story). We were married within a month! :)

26. Who is more sensitive? Me, but not as bad as I used to be. I used to be way more sensitive but learned that small stuff doesn’t really matter.

27. Who has more friends? Hmm... That’s difficult. He has friends at work and at church, and I
have friends through the MOMS Club and church. We usually do things as couples so I can’t really say who has more. Our best friends are married to each other so it works out well.

28. Who has more siblings? He does. He has 4 sisters and I have 1 sister and 1 brother.

29. Who wears the pants in the family? He does, but it took me a long time to learn to submit to his authority. Submission is still a struggle for me on some issues, but with God’s grace, I can do it. Looking back on our early years of marriage, we definitely fought more before I was willing to submit. I guess it goes back to stubborness- he knows what is best while I think I do.

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jenn said...

I'm glad you did it. It was fun, wasn't it?
I need to stop doing these things...I have a weakness, I know.

jenn said...

Come check me out. I did something I want you to see!