Sunday, October 14, 2007

Galatians 6:7-9

This weekend was so nice. It all began with a phone call Friday afternoon. . .

My friend J. called me and presented me with 2 propositions: we could go shopping for a wedding gift and then have dinner ALONE (as in a “girl’s night out”) OR we could do the same thing as couples (with her oldest girls staying with my children to baby-sit). I called TJ to get his input, and honestly, I was thinking he wouldn’t be up for either of J’s ideas. He had a rough day on Friday and I didn’t think he’d like the idea of being home alone with the kids and it was evident from his mood he didn’t feel like being sociable. But, he surprised me by telling me he and P. (J’s husband) had planned for J and me to get together for a girl’s night out while we were at the Wilds. So, J and I went shopping and then had dinner at the Olive Garden (which, if you know me, is my FAVORITE restaurant)! After dinner, we went to Panera for coffee and sat there 45 minutes after the store had closed drinking coffee, talking, and laughing, tuning out the world around us. It was very refreshing to just be able to finish a thought without being interrupted or having to share my meal with someone else. I cherish my friendship with J and I hope to make this a regular occurrence (i.e. once per quarter).

After Th’s soccer game on Saturday we drove 2 hours to visit TJ’s great aunt and uncle. We love spending time with them, and I can tell the feeling is mutual. The boys went horseback riding and had a blast. Then, we headed over to the community playground for a little while. Aunt Joan is a wonderful cook so after playing, we headed back to the house for supper. After supper, she took the boys on tractor rides, and that is always a highlight of their day. When talking with Th about the visit, he ranked horseback riding and tractor rides equally. Oh, the simplicity of being 5!

Today the Lord really spoke to me in Sunday school and then again this evening at church. I don’t have time to go into all the details about SS, but basically TJ and I are becoming involved with a campus ministry called “Cross Impact”. TJ is the Faculty Advisor and we are working with missionaries who just recently moved here from Vermont. They ironically moved down the street from us. They have 4 small children about the same ages as mine, and I look forward to getting to better know them.

I just gotta say, it is such a blessing to be able to serve the Lord daily. Not growing up in a Christian home, I have at times felt “left out” whenever around others who have been serving the Lord for a long time, especially those who are dedicated missionaries. Today, however, we were talking about Galatians 6:7-9 (the principle of reaping and sowing) as it applies to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to others. I got to thinking about how I feel it applies to me more so as a mother than as a Christian. If I want to reap spiritual fruit in my children, I must sow spiritual fruit. My greatest burden for my children is that they come to a saving knowledge of Jesus at an early age, and praise the Lord Th has! I just don’t want my children to experience life as I did, without the comfort of knowing and having a personal relationship with Christ. Anyway, I was blessed and convicted all in a matter of 15 seconds in SS. I am also beginning to see how the Lord is using TJ and I WHERE WE ARE HERE IN SC, not out in a far away country sleeping in a lean-to. It is very encouraging, especially because we have no idea what He has in store for us. This is where trust comes in to play, and based on what I know about the character of God, He only wants what’s best for us. Please just pray for the Cross Impact ministry and that many college students would come to know the Lord through it.

Well, I’ll finish tomorrow. Mark Stiling’s son preached tonight, and I want to share with you. He did an awesome job, and Mark would have been proud!

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Carole said...

A girl's night out is very refreshing of the spirit and soul. I know that you and TJ will do great things...I'm excited to hear about it.

Joanna said...

I enjoyed the time out too! We will do it again.
I am excited for your willingness and heart for serving through this ministry. I will pray for wisdom and endurance for all that is ahead.
Romans 8:28