Monday, October 22, 2007

Calling All Princesses

We do our grocery shopping as a family, although occasionally TJ will take only the boys to allow me to get some things done around the house. We typically go to the grocery store on Friday, but this past Friday TJ and I went to a wedding reception together, so our weekly grocery trip occurred Saturday.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering why I don't just go by myself or with T.G. , and it's because I spend more when I do that. I have a difficult time remembering what we're out of, and so rather than not have any, I buy it. I have 2 unopened bottles of Ranch dressing in my pantry, along with several boxes of noodles, macaroni. . . you get the picture. I don't know why I have so much trouble, but I do. So, TJ helps me remember what we have and don't have, and we save money because of his memory.

Okay, back to Saturday at the grocery store. I have heard stories about those who go to the grocery store and return home and as they're unpacking the bags, find they have purchased something they didn't intend to buy because their kids put it on the checkout counter without the parents looking. I never believed any of those stories; rather, I thought the parents were just idiots. However, I am not an idiot and it happened to me, only thankfully I caught it before we left the store.

T.G. was fussy so I was holding her, meaning her stroller was unoccupied. The boys were playing with these Disney Princess flip phone musical toy thingies and were actually being very well-behaved. TJ was unloading the groceries and reloading the bags into the cart, and neither of us were carefully watching the boys. After he had paid and I went to put T.G. back into her stroller, it was LOADED with the silly Disney Princess phones. There were at least 10 in her seat, and if I hadn't put her back in there but carried her to the car instead, who knows how far we would have gotten with those phones!

The Lord never ceases to use real life experiences to change my opinion about certain things, and this was definitely one of them!

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