Friday, August 10, 2007

Woman of Faith

I visited with Val for a little over an hour last evening. I am so thankful I was well enough to go. We sat on the floor and cried, talked, cried some more, and talked some more, all while T.G. played around us. Mark's spirit was evident all around us from the pictures on the wall to the "We Love You, Dad!" banner hanging in the dining room.

I have met some strong women over the past few years since attending Harvest. Each of them is strong for different reasons, and Val is no exception. She amazes me with her strength through what is probably every couple's worst nightmare. As we shared a moment of grief, she quickly thanked the Lord for the many blessings He's provided during this time. I think so often as humans we are quick to ask, "Why me?" or "Why didn't You do something to prevent this?", which is a totally natural response, but Val has a different attitude.

She pointed out to me that although she misses Mark dearly, so much good has come from his life, and now his death. Former co-workers of his have emailed her and given testimony of witnessing Christ through Mark because of Mark's daily walk with the Lord. She told me her pain and grief is worth it if it means God is being glorified through this situation. How amazing is that!

Her children started school this week so I asked how it was going. She told me a boy's father in her youngest son's class has cancer. Isn't God great?! He placed Val's son with this boy because he's been there. He knows the pain of watching his dad go through cancer treatments, and the uncertainty that accompanies it. Val's son can be a great comfort and encouragement to this other boy, and I'm sure they'll become fast friends.

I hope to be an encouragement to Val because her family has certainly brought my family closer by allowing us the opportunity to pray for them over the past year and some months. Family prayer time is so important to us, a time we look forward to each day to pray for family, friends, and co-workers. God has answered our prayer for Mark and his family because Mark has been healed. He is no longer in pain, and, in fact, is in perfect health as he walks beside Jesus.

Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers.

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