Monday, August 20, 2007


I’ve not written in a while because I’ve been busy preparing for various events.

To make a long story short, the Lord really blessed me on Friday. I ended up saving $35 off the total bill for some clothes I purchased for the kids. The cashier made a minor mistake but felt so bad for it that she gave me 20% off in addition to a $10 coupon I had. That was an awesome feeling, especially because the cashier really didn’t have to do anything!

I also helped prepare another meal for Val on Friday evening. I was hoping to be able to deliver it, but my schedule wouldn’t allow it. Although disappointed at not seeing them, I was still grateful for the opportunity to be a blessing to this family.

Saturday we had friends over from the MOMS Club for a family cookout. It was really nice. I am hosting one every quarter and limiting participation to the first 5 families who RSVP. Because it’s small, we are better able to get to know the entire family, not just moms and kids. It’s an even better way for the husbands to get to know each other.

Yesterday I finished cleaning and pricing toys for the consignment sale today. TJ ironed the clothes I am selling, and I finished pricing those, as well. It is a great feeling to know that the back of my van is loaded full of stuff my kids no longer use/need/want. Th even helped pick out some of the toys so he isn’t too heartbroken. TJ took it harder than Th, but I guess it’s because some of the toys that are going are ones from when Th was a baby.

We didn’t have a lot of money when Th was born, so he didn’t have very many toys. The ones he did have were all his favorites, and he played with them all the time. He didn’t really have a choice! Because of that, it is sad to see them go. But like I said to TJ, they’ve just been sitting there unused and taking up precious floor space. It’s time to move on, especially with birthdays and Christmas coming soon.

Our pastor is in NY this weekend. His youngest son Andrew was accepted to West Point Military Academy, and he just finished Basic Training. Our pastor’s family went up for the graduation ceremony. He begins class today, so hopefully Andrew will be home for Thanksgiving or Christmas break. In one of my posts I told the story of when T.G. was born and how my pastor and his wife kept the boys. Th built a relationship with Andrew that night and misses him. He drew him a picture and wrote a little letter. I know Th will be excited when our pastor returns with pictures. Hopefully Andrew will find time to write Th back between the busyness of class and drill duty.

That’s been my weekend in a recap. As always, I am trying to keep my perspective on the Lord and not on my temporal circumstances, especially at night. T.G. has been going to bed very late and waking in the middle of the night. To say I am tired is an understatement! I begin class this week and will have to wake at 5:45AM to get myself ant the kids ready by 7:30AM. Most nights T.G. doesn’t go to bed until close to midnight, and she’s been waking about 3:30AM screaming. TJ thinks she’s teething again. I HAVE to remember that this is God-ordained, and it’s happening for a reason. Although I don’t know the reason and I don’t like that it happens, it is and I must accept it. Lots of prayers go on at night in my house!

Until next time. . .

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