Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Now is the Time

Today is officially “Go-Up-To-Heaven Day”, coined by Th himself. Let me explain. . .
In the van on the way to preschool, Th asked how old you had to be to go to Heaven. I explained that God doesn’t have a set age; He’ll take people whenever He’s ready. He then asked how old Annabelle was (she was my grandfather’s wife- she passed away last March and is the only person Th knows on a personal basis who has died). I told him, and before ending the conversation, I said we never know when God is going to bring someone home to Heaven. It could be today, or next week, or in a very long time. That’s when he said the aforementioned phrase.

I think it’s awesome that his mind comprehends such abstract concepts. I can truthfully say at 4 years old I did not have an understanding of God, Heaven, or Hell. God really was a mystery until I got saved at almost 19. Sure, I believed in God, or I should say I believed there was a God, but I did not understand true salvation until after joining the Air Force and sitting in a real church service that preached a true salvation message. I am thankful for the amazing grace the Lord has extended to me, to all, through His Son, but I am also thankful that Thunderstands saving grace at such an early age. I speak from experience- life is so much easier knowing God is in control (now that I am saved) rather than often wondering why things happen and not knowing if anyone understands let alone cares (before I was saved).

If today is “go up to Heaven day”, I am ready, and so is my family! Are you? If not, contact me to find out how you can be ready- you’re eternal life depends on it!

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