Saturday, April 21, 2007

Melissa Greer

I am feeling a little sad today. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, beginning with the brutal killings of 2 Charlotte police officers. They answered a 911 call and someone (he was only 25!) shot the 2 officers point-blank in the head. They never had a chance to draw their weapons- it was an ambush. One of the officers left behind a 2 year old, and his wife was 7 months pregnant. That really hit home for me. The other officer left behind his wife.

Obviously on Monday the VT massacre was difficult news to accept, but yesterday everything compounded when I was listening to the 5 o’clock news. A local weather forecaster, Melissa Greer, succumbed to a rare type of cancer. She was 27, my age. TJ and I, as well as the entire Charlotte viewing area, have been following her story since she announced the cancer in December. She was 6 months pregnant when they discovered the cancer, and her only option was to deliver her baby 10 weeks (or so) early, then have a hysterectomy. She flew to Iowa for the delivery/surgery, and we have been following her progress via the news since then. Another news anchor was her best friend, so she would go visit Melissa and update the viewers.
Melissa took a turn for the worst earlier in the week and finally gave up the fight yesterday morning. Last night, as I was bathing T.G., I silently lost it. I just kept thinking how Melissa would never do this to her baby. It still hurts my heart to think that, but then today, as I was sorting the laundry, the Lord reminded me of the blessings he provided Melissa’s family.

She gave birth to a healthy baby boy (his name is Connor). The Lord knew Melissa would not live long enough on this earth to raise her child, so He blessed Melissa and Roger (her husband) with a son. Roger won’t have to deal with all the “girl stuff”. I can’t imagine having to go through my life without my mom, as most women feel. That brought tremendous comfort to me when I stopped to remember who was in control. Anyway, I am linking the story for anyone who wishes to read it in its entirety. I thank the Lord that Melissa was at peace with herself, the Lord, and her family before her time with us ended!

This link is an update she gave last week- her words provide such an awesome understanding of the Lord's will for her life!

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