Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Humble Beginnings

The Lord is really humbling me today. Because T.G. is teething, she has cold-like symptoms that are making her cranky. Additionally, Ta was up at 3:30AM this morning with croup. Despite being sick, his energy is the same. I am also not feeling well. My throat and left ear hurt terribly. I am going to call the doctor later this afternoon to be seen this evening. I still haven't showered yet; I don't have the energy. Because my throat hurts, I haven't been talking much today. The kids love it, I'm sure! Since I'm not feeling well, I've been praying A LOT for the wisdom, grace, and mercy that I need in order to mother today. The Lord has answered my prayers and allowed T.G. to take a good morning nap. Also, the boys have been getting along fairly well. The minor tiffs they've had have been handled well by me, if I do say so myself. As TJ put it, get through this morning and then rest this afternoon with the kids. Sounds great to me!

I'm off to lay on the couch some more. Thank you, Lord, for Elmo!

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jenn said...

Feel better soon!