Thursday, August 9, 2007

By the Way

I opened up my blog to allow anyone to read it. It scares me to do that; I am very apprehensive about not knowing who reads it. I switched to this hosting site to better know who was viewing my web page because of the comments left by total strangers at the last web host. BUT, not everyone wanted to log-in here each time. So, to combat that and to make me feel better, I have shortened all of our names to just initials. If you know me and my family, you should be able to figure out to whom I am referring. If not, email me and I'll consider sharing that information.

I am also feeling better today. Just a little congested but nothing to complain about. I have a million things to do today and a few errands to run. I am actually excited about that since we haven't been out of the house in a few days. Well, that's not true. We did go to the doctor and library yesterday, neither of which was enjoyable.

I am helping to bring a meal to Mark's widow this evening. That is weird to think about, especially because she is so young! I saw the children at church this past Sunday. I cried when I saw them, which is probably not a normal reaction. My heart hurts for them, and I can't imagine the pain that they are experiencing right now. They began school this week so I am interested to talk to them about it. They are attending a new school (private) for the first time. They have been home-schooled for most, if not all, of their lives. I am sure this has been a difficult adjustment for them.

I look forward to seeing Val, Mark's wife. At the funeral, I hugged each of the children and made my way to Val. By the time I reached her, I was crying so hard I couldn't speak. She began comforting me! Can you believe that! In her time of need, she was reaching out to others around her that she knew were hurting, too. They are such giving people. I am happy to not be sick anymore so I can go visit. Just seeing them again will be a blessing and encouragement to me.

I just need to remember to bring plenty of tissues.

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