Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blood is thicker than water

Or so the saying goes. Lately, though, I'm not so sure.

I just haven't been feeling myself lately. Very overwhelmed by my kids, especially the boys. I think part of it is TJ's working longer hours, which means I'm home longer with them. But, on top of that, I feel very alone and isolated. TJ and I don't get many opportunities to really "talk", and if it's important, I usually email him. I feel very disconnected, and that's not good. Plus, I hate to bother him with the details of my day at home, especially because his work environment is stressful on him. I know I add to his stress, and I'm trying to stop. In the past, when I've felt bummed out, I would call my mom. But lately, I feel very disconnected from her, too. I'm not sure what's going on with everyone. Maybe it's just me, but I just don't feel like I have anyone who is willing to just sit and listen. I have several close friends, and I know they can relate to how I am feeling, but the point is, I miss my husband. The good news, however, is that TJ mailed our deposit for an overnight getaway to The WILDS Christian Camp in Brevard, NC. We are going the weekend of Th's birthday, and it will be our first time leaving the children. I am anxious about doing so, but I look forward to getting away for some alone time with my hubby.

Until then, it's me versus the boys, and they usually win!

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katiebutke said...

Hey Terra! I totally hear you. Jim and I have been having a really rough summer and I even took the kids last week and lived with my parents for a couple of days. Between work, school, selling the house and trying to be the best parent that I can be, we've lost touch with each other and what really counts. Even when we do have time to spend together it's always trying to catch up instead of connecting.

Anyways, please don't hesitate to call me if you ever need to talk. I totally understand and maybe it's just a rough patch for you right now. Keep your chin up!

Katie Butke

Carole said...

I know that this time away will be really great for you guys. Jonathan and I have gone through similar times. If you need an ear to listen...I'm always here.

If you do want to transfer your posts over...just do it as a new post...and then if you click on Post Options at the bottom you can change the day and time (to what it was on your other blog) that way everything stays in order.


jenn said...

As an in-law, you may not feel comfortable talking to me, but I am here if you want to.

Julie said...

Hey Terra~
I totally understand where you are coming from. I have had the similiar feelings with Nick. We haven't been alone since Seth has been born. Nick is the type of person that when he comes home from work he really doesn't want to talk he needs to unwind and then he is ready to discuss whatever it maybe. That was a big struggle for me when Seth was a baby. Home with Seth all day not having adult conversation and then not being able to talk with Nick until he was ready was a big struggle for me. I got through it. I know that we aren't real close or anything but I am here to listen or talk. I feel the same way... if I can't find someone to talk to it's frustrating and where sometimes you just want to crawl in a hole. It is going to be good for you and your husband to go to the Wilds. I've wanted to do that with Nick myself. Let me know how it goes. Again, I am here as well just call.
Julie Fellenz