Monday, July 30, 2007

Beach Bums

I did it! I survived a trip to the beach with the in-laws. It was nice, just the usual frustrations of everyone wanting to do different things at different times. Along with going to the beach, we went to the NASCAR Cafe and Speedpark, and all of the boys enjoyed that (TJ included!) Th drove his first real car, and it was hilarious. I so wish my video camera wasn't full or else I would have recorded that momentous event. He drove like an old man, gunning the gas then slowly releasing it to drive really slow! It was quite humorous. Another kid crashed into him and ended up pushing him with his car to go faster. It was a fun time for the kids despite the heat and humidity.

We had a family picnic with the in-laws yesterday. It was okay- extremely humid. Poor TJ had to chase the boys around because where the shelter is, there really isn't much for the kids to do. We had an egg toss, and TJ and I came nowhere close to winning. However, I think we tossed it the longest because we tossed the yolk until it crumbled and flew into tiny pieces. I will post pictures at a later date. For now, Ta is throwing a tantrum and T.G. is preparing herself for breakfast.

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