Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vacation Bible School

Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

It has been a tiring week. I relied upon the above verse because I was feeling very overwhelmed with all of my commitments. As usual, I was being pulled in several directions and was having difficulty in prioritizing them. The reality of Vacation Bible School didn’t hit me until last Thursday evening. I met with the other teacher in the class to talk about our plan for the week. I left her house feeling both excited and panicked- I hadn’t prepared for the upcoming week through prayer as well as I should, and I had only myself to blame. The weekend didn’t provide much relief so I prayed every opportunity I had. We had our T-n-T campout last Friday, attended 2 birthday parties on Saturday, picked up my brother from the airport Saturday evening, and made final preparations for VBS on Sunday. The VBS kick-off was Sunday evening, and I had to be back at church at 4PM.

The Lord has been good to us: it has both rained and been sunny for the past 2 days. The rains came before and after VBS, allowing the children to play outside for game time. Plus, our theme this year is “Rescue Zone”. On Monday, a fire truck and fireman in full turnout gear came and demonstrated the equipment for the children. They even hooked up a hose for the kids to spray on the grass! They had a ball, especially my age group (5/6th graders). Today a police officer came with his police truck. Unfortunately, I was unable to get pictures both days- I forgot my camera on Monday, and today I was preoccupied with T.G. However, I heard a rumor that a helicopter is coming on Friday so I will definitely take pictures then!

Th is having a great time-I’m glad he’s able to participate. There is also a puppet named “Shadow” that all the kids love. He only makes his appearance during VBS, and last summer Th was a little apprehensive about him. He asked where Shadow lived, and not wanting to scare him from coming back to church, I told Th he lived at our Pastor’s house. What are the chances of Th going there? Well, when I went into labor with T.G., our pastor and his wife Gretchen picked up the boys from the hospital and brought them to their house. What was the first thing Th asked about when walking through the door? He wanted to know where Shadow’s room was! Pastor and Gretchen died laughing, and today Shadow asked about Th during the closing the service. Th was ecstatic that Shadow remembered him!

I am posting some pictures from our campout Friday and VBS today, and Lord willing I will be able to get some more pictures through the remainder of the week.

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