Friday, June 1, 2007

Catch Up!

I am very excited. . . I found out my sister is expecting her first child. She and her boyfriend Paul were going to get married anyway; the pregnancy sort of sped things up a bit. Nevertheless, I am very happy for her. Plus, her due date is my birthday, so that makes it more exciting! She really wants a boy. In fact, she already has a name picked out- Noah James. I love it!

I would love for her to have a boy because I know how cool it is to have a boy first. I would also love for her to have a girl because her baby and T.G. will only be about a year apart. I told TJ last night I want to go and stay with her when she has the baby. I haven’t decided if I’ll go the same time as my mom or wait until after my mom leaves. He told me we have plenty of time to work out the details- I guess he’s right!

Her husband is a Marine and she told me today that he is due to deploy to Iraq in March, when the baby is about 2 months old. He’s already been there at least once (I think twice) so I encouraged her to think about moving onto the base. She will be closer to the base hospital/medical care, the store, and hopefully she’ll meet some other spouses and they can support each other. If he does leave, I will probably go and stay with her during my spring break and then have her come stay with us some next summer. She is very emotional and doesn’t want to think about it. I gently reminded her that she needed to plan now before he does leave to make it easier for the future. I feel for her! I know what it’s like to be a military spouse. I am so thankful we never had kids while TJ was still on active duty for that very reason (the long deployments).

We’ve been going to the pool daily this week to escape the heat. Ta is fearless and jumps right in- without arm floats! Th is much more cautious and eases his way down the steps. He can walk on the bottom, but he is still fearful. Even though they’re mine, I am still so surprised at how different their personalities are! Th was swimming a little bit yesterday and today but only because he saw Ta doing it first. He didn’t want to be outdone by his 2 year old brother! I am proud of the progress he’s made in a week. I just need to keep working to convince TJ of the practicality of enrolling the boys in swim lessons.

We have a quiet weekend planned for once. . . somewhat. We have a couple of things we need to do around here tomorrow, and then Sunday after church we have a birthday party to attend. This is our last “quiet” weekend until August, and I’m not exaggerating. We have something every weekend until then. This upcoming Friday we are camping with our T-n-T group again. So far there are 4 families signed up to camp. It should be fun because only 1 family out of the 4 was at the last campout. Fresh meat!

Next Saturday we have 2 birthday parties to attend, plus my 13-year-old brother is flying in from Ohio to stay for 3 weeks. The following week is Vacation Bible School at our church. We are free for 4 days before we leave for the Outer Banks (OBX). I am so excited for that trip that I have already begun a packing list. My family has been vacationing there since I was a child, and last summer my mom finally got a little cottage and is allowing us to stay there. It is right next door to my uncle’s house and across the street from the beach.

My mom is going to meet us there for 4 days and stay with my uncle so we can use the cottage. It’s 2 bedrooms so TJ and I will have a room and the boys will have a room. We’ll go grocery shopping when we get there to help offset the cost of food. There is so much to do there that is free or cheap. I feel like 8 days isn’t going to be enough time to do all that I want. TJ has never been there and I can’t wait to show him around.

When we lived in California, before having children, we’d often camp and tour various lighthouses. The OBX is what started me on my love of lighthouses. There are so many to see in such a small area. The OBX are actually islands off the coast of NC. The Atlantic is on one side and the sound is on the other. During low tide, it’s possible to walk a mile into the sound and go clamming & crabbing. The water is so clear- it’s awesome! There is also a park called Jockey’s Ridge. It’s a bunch of sand dunes and it’s difficult to describe how tall they are. People actually hang glide off of them. We are bringing the kites to fly there. This is where the Wright brothers made their first flight.

Along with the other “tourist” type activities of mini-golf and ice cream, there is also an aquarium, ferry rides to the other islands, fishing, and of course the beach. We also go to this place where you can 4-wheel on the beach. I know the boys will love that! Can you tell I’m a little excited?! I haven’t been there in about 10 years but my family assures me it’s still the same!

Once we get home, we’re here for a week before heading to Atlanta for a week. Then, after that, we’re home for 12 days before going to Myrtle Beach for a few days in late July.

Because of the business, I know the summer will pass quickly.

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Jenn said...

I am so excited for you and Erin! It's wonderful when it's your sister having a baby! I hope she has a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful, healthy child! ~jenn